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Administrative Law Free Assignment Helpis the legal discipline concerned with public administration. It lays down the structure, organization, duties, procedures and powers of administrative authorities and includes the judicial review of administrative action as well the relationship of administrative agencies with the public and the other organs of the State. In other words, administrative law consists of legal principles which regulate the administration of the agencies of the government.

This branch of law focuses on the procedures involved in the functioning of the agencies based upon the principles of natural justice and not on the substantive law with respect to these agencies. The function of the administrative agencies is to safeguard public rights. Thus, administrative law plays an important part in protection of public rights.

The primary aim of administrative law is the legal regulation of exercise of administrative power and protection of citizens from the abuse of such power. It is a species of Constitutional law. While administrative law lays down the rules governing the various organs of a State, constitutional law deals with the operation of those rules.

Administrative Law Free Assignment Help

Since administrative law relates to public administration, it has been in existence in all countries where some form of government has existed and dates back to the times when administration itself had come into existence. The following principles constitute the basis of the concept of administrative law:

  • The source of power of administrative authorities is law.
  • No power is absolute or unlimited, no matter how wide its nature might be.
  • The exercise of powers by administrative authorities is subject to such reasonable restrictions as are justified by circumstances.

In several nations, separate courts, tribunals or other forums are established to deal with disputes arising in the administrative law sphere. The rules of procedure of these forums may be different from those followed in ordinary courts. France, for instance, has established a system of administrative tribunals which are quite different from the ordinary courts. There is no judicial interference in the functioning of administrative authorities.

The role of administrative law in the contemporary scenario cannot be denied. It has flourished both in terms of quality and presence and has lately assumed tremendous significance, particularly in democratic nations. Many law students are also venturing in the subject of administrative law, and it has become an important element of worldwide law curriculum. For students facing trouble solving administrative law assignments and interpreting administrative law case studies, our team of administrative law experts offer best quality online administrative law assignment help that not only helps you secure high marks, but also improves your understanding of the subject. So, why wait? Take the initiative now and improve your case study assignments and administrative law reports by sending your assignment via our upload form. Help in assignment of other subjects is also available at our other website.

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