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  • Determining product cost more accurately
  • Determine the fairness in calculating activity based cost accounting.
  • Providing sufficient Accounting Assignmentinformation which will be utilized in decision making in product lines.
  • Allocating overheads as a considerable portion of total cost structure.

Our expert activity based accounting writers had helped students to form a specific structure  in designing and implementing cost in an activity. Our writers explain the process of implementing the accounting based cost on activities in the following seven ways:

  • Step 1: Identifying the objective of cost
  • Step 2: Identifying  the various cost like direct and indirect cost
  • Step 3: Finalizing and distributing the allocation based on their utilization of overhead cost.
  • Step 4: Determining and finalizing the overhead cost.
  • Step 5: Calculating the rate of cost for every unit of activity.
  • Step 6: Calculating the different overhead cost for product allocation.
  • Step 7: Finally determine the cost of products.

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