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Abstract Academic Integrity Assignment Help

Academic Integrity Assignment Help | Academic IntegrityAcademic Integrity Assignment Help can be understood as following the concept of honesty and fairness for the collection of information while performing an action or an activity. It serves as a base for gathering knowledge and better understanding of the task and helps in the development of the capabilities of a person. Use of unfair practices while performing an action such as presenting someone else work in one’s name is a serious offence which can result in levy of fine or punishment for stealing the work of others. Academic dishonesty leads to concealment of the fair facts regarding the actions. All these unfair practices lead to different types of plagiarism. Different methods must be adopted for preventing plagiarism and for presenting the fair picture of an action. 


The basic meaning of the term integrity is honor. It includes the concept of honesty is to be followed in using required data or information, in presenting the required data or information and in all the other actions as per his or her knowledge. Academic integrity or academic honesty is totally dependent upon the concept of fairness and honesty. According to this concept one need to execute the course of action by fair means with its own efforts by avoiding unfair practices including cheating, copying, misrepresentation or using the work of other’s in his or her name. Academic integrity provides a base and results in gaining understanding and knowledge about the action and in the development of the individual. Academic dishonesty refers to use of unfair practices while performing the work.  There are different types of plagiarism or dishonesty which need to be handled with the help of various methods used for avoiding plagiarism. For the development and fair presentation of the ideas and thoughts of a person it need to follow the concept of integrity, as dishonesty leads to concealment of the ideas of a person by the process of unfair practices.

Academic Integrity

Integrity can be either related with the honesty or with the strong determination for performing the work fairly. According to Weimer (2015), academic integrity can be considered as honesty in delivering the tasks and activities provided throughout the process in academics. Weimer is a professor and a PHD scholar providing essentials on study and faculty focus website. There are various reasons for studying and evaluating the academic integrity virtues and develop the study in order to make a sustainable process which should be adopted by the universities and colleges to avoid the plagiarism and cheating issues. According to Pope (2014), academic integrity and honesty are strong pillars of the education system; one cannot imagine development without these factors. Pope is a research scholar in Edutopia. These factors are directly related with the society as academic dishonesty creates a negative impact on the education or academic system where students are not evaluated fairly and involves the fraudulent behaviour and wrong intentions in performing a task. These set back in education system push back the economy and society and make a differential gap between generations. For example, academic dishonesty can be considered with a real life event, where a student has cheated throughout his examinations, and finally qualified to be a doctor. One cannot imagine to get treated with the same doctor who got a degree with fraudulent behavior.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty means using unfair practices for performing required activity including cheating, paraphrasing the contents copied from other sources, copying the ideas of other’s in its own name.  It can be understood as the theft of the views or information of other’s and presenting in own name. These are the unfair practices adopted for turning the efforts of other’s in owns.  Academic dishonesty results in the concealment of the facts by misrepresentation. It further results in occurring of different types of plagiarism.

Types of Plagiarism or Dishonesty

There are four types of plagiarism, which has been discussed below.

Direct Plagiarism: direct plagiarism involves copying word to word or word to word forgery of the statement of other person‘s work without acknowledging it or without using quotation marks which are used for representing the direct speech of others . This type of plagiarism occurs due to the shortage of time, lack of knowledge of plagiarism and effects of plagiarism. (Bretag & Mahmud, 2009)

Self-Plagiarism: in this type of plagiarism, the work of a person or a part of it is used again by the same person for the completion of another task without anyone’s approval as it will lead to occurrence of plagiarism. This type of plagiarism occurs due to the ignorance of the person as it may think that it is using its own work and this will not result in the plagiarism.

Mosaic Plagiarism: this type of plagiarism can be understood as mixture of the information collected or picked from different sources and presentment of this mixture all together without identification of the source. It is the most common type of plagiarism as one may feel that it is not a type of plagiarism as it is not collecting the data from a single source and it will not result in plagiarism. (Makhdumi, Soni, & Vij, 2009)

Accidental Plagiarism: this type of plagiarism occurs when cite of sources gets ignored or misquoted by a person unintentionally, or moulds few words, sentences or source without attribution. This type of plagiarism occurs when a person don’t have proper knowledge of using citations from where the information has been collected.

Impact of Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty affects the different stakeholders of the society in different ways. Society consists of various stakeholders including students, teachers and institutions. Varieties of software are available with the development of the technology which helps in detection of academic dishonesty. These impacts of academic dishonesty on these stakeholders are discussed below.

Effect on the professional behaviour: academic dishonesty affects the professional behaviour of an entity. The information or data for the task is collected with the help of unfair practices which create a huge impact over the image of a profession. Actions taken against these practices are very strong and affect the professional behaviour of an entity at large. (Ooi, 2011)

Effect on the image of the student: the image of a student gets affected and academic dishonesty may results in actions against the defaulting student. This can affect the future of a student as the punishment for these unfair practices may results in suspension or expulsion of a student from the institute in which it is studying or pursuing the course. (Carson Ph.D., 2010)

Legal actions: the actions taken against the unfair practices can be very serious which affects the future of a student as well as may lead to imposition of legal actions against the student. As the task is performed using unfair practices legal actions including imprisonment for copying the work of someone else.

Dishonest presentation: academic dishonesty affects the honest presentation of the idea and knowledge of a person. These methods of academic dishonesty hide the actual ideas of a person. This dishonest presentation of the information may create different impacts of the different fields as the aspects of these different fields are different. Various fields include medical, education, service sector, business sector. Consequences of these methods differ from field to field.

Penalty: these practices involve penalties by the various authorities including government, institutions. Penalty may be in the form of money or in the form of non- financial penalties. Students need to bear these penalties which affect them financially as well as the image of the student and institution. And it can also affect the future of the student.

Effect on the academic image: the academic reputation also gets affected by the use of methods of academic dishonesty. This adversely affects the image of an academy as these practices deprive a personal to publish the information of various sites and sources. Publishing the work of a personal is important for the representation of the work performed by a personal (Ooi, 2011).

Academic Integrity Assignment Help | Academic Integrity

According to the concepts of Academic integrity, performing an assignment one has to come up with their own ideas and taking the help of work of other’s by approval from the instructor. Measures or methods that must be adopted for avoiding academic dishonesty are mentioned below.

Independency: While working independency should be maintained. Relying on other sources available on the web increases the chances of plagiarism. Proper analysis and evaluation of the sources of information must be done for checking the originality of the information gathered before using it (Pavela & Mc Cabe, 2007).Independence can be understood as gathering the knowledge for the execution of the work before starting it in a proper manner. For example: instructor can guide the performer regarding the task which it needs to perform as per its knowledge or by taking help from the other sources.

Proper guidance: providing proper guidance or explaining proper procedure for the completion of the action can avoid the chances of academic dishonesty. Proper knowledge of the citing of sources is required (Bretag & Mahmud, 2009). For example: instructor can provide an overview to the performer so that performer can frame a base according to which it has to perform the task. Proper consultation must be done with the instructor. It will help one by answering the questions as well as by providing proper guidelines for proper citing of the sources.

Conducting task in organized way: a person must plan in advance for completing the task. Proper time should be decided for the completion of the task. So that nothing important has missed out. Effective’s notes must be made from the various sources so that relevant information regarding the assignment can be arranged before starting it. This will help in completion of the task without haste (Pope, 2014). For example: a student can perform the task by preparing a strategy for executing the task for ensuring the completion of task within the specified time limit, so that it don’t have to rely on work done by other.

Prevention by proactive approach: a person must learn the meaning of plagiarism, effects of plagiarism and should adopt measures for maintaining the standard expectations effectively for ensuring the ethical behavior. A proactive strategy helps in formulation of the steps to be followed in advance. Planning must be done in advance for preventing plagiarism. Before using the various sources ways of using these sources in correct manner must be learnt. For example: a person can ask an instructor for explaining the procedure for performing the task and actions which can be taken in case plagiarism is found.

Communicate for extension: if extension is required for performing the work, communication must be made rather than turning other’s work as ones. Communication must be done for the extension of time as time plays a vital role in the execution of the assignment in a proper way (Cook, 2012, p. 5). For example: a student can ask for the extension of submission date from the instructor rather than copying the work from the work of others and submitting it.

Personal Incident Regarding the Academic Integrity

I want to highlight with situation in the past, when I was working over a project. I had to prepare a report over a topic. I was bit confused about the topic. I was not having the proper knowledge of the topic of the report and I was preoccupied by some other work and could not allocate the required time to the paper. Because of the shortage of time, I had collected data from various sources available on the web and completed the work without proper citations, without paraphrasing and without the approval of the instructor. And the prepared report was having plagiarism in it. The reason behind this was lack of   proper citing of the sources, preoccupancy in some other work, and lack of proper knowledge and guidance which was required for the successful completion of the task.

As a result I was warned by the tutors for this misconduct and after several requests and observing my background they allowed me to continue the session with a fail grade which I need to improve in further examinations.

From this incident I have learnt that academic integrity/ honesty must be maintained with the help of various measures including proper guidance, managing time for conducting the task and communication for the extension if needed. It ensures the effective completion of the work. Academic integrity helps in gaining the knowledge and development of the capabilities of an individual.


With the help of above discussion we have understood that academic integrity means following the concept of fairness and morality while performing the required task. The term Academic integrity can be understood as adoption of the process of honesty and fair representation in performing any work by keeping the responsibility of the executed work. Methods for prevention of this academic misconduct are sufficiently addressed and a proper mechanism can be initiated through the discussed approaches. These methods will help in reducing the chances of Academic dishonesty while performing the task.

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