Abu Dhabi University Registration System Analysis

This is a solution of Abu Dhabi University Registration System Analysis in which we discuss Developing registration IT strategy can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented IT solutions.


Abu Dhabi University Registration System AnalysisThe Abu Dhabi University is seeking to employ a new online registration system. Hence, this document discusses and analyzes the registration system. Currently, students or aspiring students use phone calls or physical visits to the admission block to register for services like new student registration, hostel services or course registration. This leads to overcrowding in the block, which is considered unsafe and slow. Therefore, the online registration system is deemed to come in and replace the manual registration. This system will be fast, improve accountability as all records will be stored online, and increase the registration speed and ease. But, any online system is susceptible to multiple online attacks, like hacking. The registration system will thus be needed to the secured to avert this.

2. Problem Statement

The Abu Dhabi University student registration system is currently unable to cope with the ever-increasing volume of telephone calls received during registration time. Long distance charges, overcrowding of students in the admission block and busy signals are among the worst problems experienced. With the creation of the online registration system will help streamline the registration process, and inexpensively help all students access the services of the Office of the Registrar.

3. Stated and Unstated Customer Needs and Wants

Stated needs are the needs and wants explicitly expressed by the customer. These represent the exact expectations of the customer to the system they are interacting with. On the other hand, unstated needs and wants are the needs and wants that are not expressed by the customer, rather they are assumed by the customer to have been fulfilled by default(Ozkan, 2015).

Stated needs and wants of the customers include:

  • Timely and successful registration to the University – this is the main function of the system, hence customers, say new and aspiring students, need to successfully register to the university without the need of having to physically visit their admission offices again after using the online registration system.
  • Registration of hostel services – because the university provides accommodation to students, customers want to register online access hostel services.
  • Successful registration of the students’ courses – customers will need to register for their courses because the system is a registration system.

Unstated needs of the customers using the Abu Dhabi University registration system include:

  • The registration service system is available 24/7 – since the Abu Dhabi University registration is an online system, the customers expect the system to be available to them at any given time of the day.
  • Good customer service – customers expect the system to provide them with good customer service, like follow up emails upon registration and information like fees being communicated to them.

4. Project Scope

The scope of the Abu Dhabi University registration system will be the ability to integrate with the university environment. The system will need to integrate seamlessly with other systems like the student database, the university website and the mailing system. Besides, the system will need to operate within the human environment, which in this case if the registrar of the university and all rules regarding the office.

4.1 Objectives

The objectives of the business system analysis of the Abu Dhabi University registration system are:

  • To identify the various processes supported by the system.
  • To find out the various sub-processes involved in any registration process.
  • To conduct an economic analysis of the system and know its suitability.

4.2 Benefits

The Abu Dhabi University online registration system will come with many benefits both to the university and the students alike. Some of these benefits are:-

  • The system will save a lot of time wasted at the registrar’s office, which comes with direct economic gains to the university as well as conservation of time.
  • Students will get a more efficient and satisfactory schedule.
  • Clear and precise statistical information and data will be provided and they can be used by the management of the university to make more informed decisions.
  • Students will be able to apply for enrollment or other services without being physically present at the registrar’s office.

4.3 Weaknesses

With the online registration system, some weaknesses present themselves as challenges to the university. They include:

  • Security – security is a major issue for online systems as it is not ensured. Online systems are prone to hacking, and the Abu Dhabi University registration system is not an exception. But with methods like encryption, security of the system can be enhanced.
  • Lack or proof or repudiation – having an online system tends to cut-off human to human interaction. This means that once a user has done some action, they can deny doing it if there is no actual proof of the action being done by the user.

4.4 Potential Risks

Potential risks are what the system is bound to undergo in case of attacks. These are:

  • Security breach or hacking – most of the online systems are prone to hacking, and this system is no exception.
  • Online attacks – online attacks such as denial of service attacks, SQL injections and cross site script attacks can be done to the system.
  • Loss of student data or the data landing to the wrong hands. This can happen when the student database is tampered with.

5. Requirements

The requirements of the system are what the system should be able to accomplish.

5.1 User Requirements

  1. The student has to register with the system for using all the facilities offered by the system
  2. Student has to submit their opinion about their faculty by course, name, subject and department.
  3. Student has to view their registration status and the registrar has to view the registration status of any student in the university.
  4. The users of the system should be able to access the system regardless of the platform they use.

5.2 Functional and Non-functional Requirements

5.2.1 Functional Requirements

The Abu Dhabi University online registration system will be a “self-service” system that will be able to address all of the student registration needs.

Personal Information

  • Students will be able to view their addresses
  • Change passwords and login to the system


Users of the system will be able to:

  • View registration status
  • View course status
  • View current student timetable or schedule
  • Add or drop a course
  • Apply for hostel accommodation
  • View the university’s registration schedule

Registration Assistance

This assistance will be able to stop registration request in case of the following error conditions:

  • Courses having scheduling conflict
  • Courses registered for do not exist
  • Courses require a prerequisite that is not met
  • The course has already been registered and/or completed by the student.

5.2.2 Non-functional Requirements

Interface Requirements

A suitable user interface will be used for the system. The Abu Dhabi University logo will be displayed on the header of all pages. The system will be made easy to use and easy to understand to cater for all users of the system(University, 2017).

Usability Requirements

The system will be very easy to use and navigate. In cases of errors, the system will communicate effectively with the user through error reports to alert the users of the errors made. The users will be allowed to undo the mistakes and submit data anew.

Furthermore, languages like Arabic, English and French will be available for users to choose from as the university has many international students. A user guide and tour of the system will be included in the system to allow new users integrate easily with the system(Al-Shaikh, 2014).

Performance Requirements

The images and content used in the system will be optimized to ensure users get fast actions from the system. All updated information will be included in the system as the database updates will be done hourly, and the online system will be available to all users 24 hours, on a daily basis.

Security Requirements

All the users of the system will have access to the system and catalogue. They will all have secure connection to their data. Data in the system will be passed via HTTPS, which is a secure version of the HTTP protocol. Access to the database will be limited to as few individuals as possible to ensure data integrity. Sessions and lockouts after certain number of login attempts will be implemented to ensure privacy of data. Encryption will be used to safeguard users’ data privacy.

Constraints and Limitations of the Design Problem

There are many constraints to the new system. Fortunately, most of the constraints will be budgetary and social as opposed to technical constraints. It is true that some constraints will occur along the way, but most of them are not clear(Noor Mohiuddin, 2012). This is because the system will run on already existing technology, one that has been developed, tested and proved to be working and being used by many industries all over the world. The system has many options as it can be purchased as an out-of-the-box system, a turnkey online system with modifications or be developed internally as a complete in house custom creation.

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