David Marks Staff asked 4 years ago

What’s the approach to writing an unsolved police case

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Generally, the reason attention is revived on a cold case is that facts have surfaced, several weeks or even years after the case was closed, that might be relevant to solving the mystery. Often, this is a tip off from somebody, but can also be related to the suspect(s)’ activities that somehow present conclusive evidence. Now, the important thing is to start with this piece of information, to increase the general relevance of the case.
While digging up the case, put your facts in order. You will need to carefully catergorize and catalogue the incident report, the verbatim call/ report from the witnesses, the police report, the autopsy report, personal items in the scene that are relevant, pictures, and so on. This is important not only to get your facts in order, but to develop a credible timeline. Often, cold cases have discrepancies of time and alibis due to human errors in memory and recounting of events. These discrepancies must be accounted for, or at least described sufficiently in your account.
Proceed to write a case summary in a chronological narrative that presents the timeline precisely. Chalk out the suspects, and offer every relevant detail about them, including their current whereabouts and actions. If you are attempting to re-open a cold case, talking to your superiors/ those who originally worked on the case really helps!