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What rights of privacy should be accorded

What rights of privacy should be accorded to Internet access and e-mail communications?

The coming of the Internet and its killer application, e-mail, has raised a new dimension of employee privacy. Many employees have a networked PC on their desktop from which they can access the Internet at any time during the work day. E-mail communications are the main source of employee to employee communication in many companies.

Employers have affordable technologies available that permit them to track what web sites their employees visit and to read and otherwise monitor employee e-mail communication, both external and internal.

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Some of the rights of privacy to be accorded to internet access and e-mail communications are –
1. In order to maintain privacy to internet access and e-mail, one has to use password-protected computers and email clients.
2. It is necessary to encrypt e-mails, which is possible in two ways: open PGP and S/MIME that keep emails safe and confidential. The encryption scrambles the emails by making it somehow indistinct and it can only be read by those who have the correct digital key, thus making the emails secure.
3. Use of monitoring policy to make sure that employees avoid misusing e-mails.