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What is the importance of language

What is the importance of language, writing, agriculture, laws, common weights and measures, and religion as unifiers of civilizations?

‘d also like to know if civilizations can be unified without these common aspects, and if strong leadership was required for these elements to emerge. It’ll be great if you can share examples to illustrate this

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Each of the elements mentioned here – language, writing, agriculture, laws, common weights and measures, and religion – have immense impact on the beginning of civilization. Each of these is discussed below:
(1)   Agriculture: agriculture was the thing that first made it possible for a large group of people to stay together. Staying together as a group requires supplement that agriculture produced. It also gave rise to the idea of working together and reaping the results together. This is how agriculture was a building block for civilization.
(2)   Language and writing: once there was a group activity in place, there needed to be a work division and communication. This is where language started playing a crucial role. Language and writing brought people clarity of understanding and expression. This worked towards creating a civilization as well.
(3)   Common weights and measures: with the sense of collective came the sense of sharing. For the sake of sharing one standard measure was needed. Thus a small thing like having common standardized weight system shifted the world towards civilization.
(4)   Laws: with the collective there was a need for rules. These rules needed to be reckoned as unbreakable and standardized and applicable to all. Thus these were mentioned as laws.
(5)   Religion: religion was the biggest step in bringing together the civilization. It explained the inexplicable by giving a bigger force to believe in. That belief eased the fear of death and gave an orientation in this life. It justified the rules and mortality and sanctified law. Created a common ground based on which the people were united and sanctified the rulers as god gifted. It also promoted creativity and art.
A great leader is always needed for a civilization to do well. But without these elements coming about of a civilization is not deemed possible.