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What Is On-Campus Presentations | company introduction presentation

What Is On-Campus Presentations | company introduction presentationAssessment Type

This assessment item is a group presentation made in front of the class during the week 12 class times. The topics available for presentation will be provided in Moodle by Week 5. The topics will be chosen from the unit content in Modules 6 & 7. A set of topics will be provided in Moodle, and groups will select just one topic.

The organisation of groups

Groups will be self-selecting and will consist of (no more than) four students each. On-campus students will have the first four weeks of term to organised themselves into groups which must be within the same class. The local lecturer will be able to help students find groups. The local lecturer will also advise the unit coordinator about the numbers of groups in their classes and the membership of each group.

Distance students will be able to liaise with the unit coordinator to help find a group. An online discussion and collaboration space for distance students will be provided in Moodle in Week 3. This will enable them to find fellow distance students willing to team up.

Presentations: when and how

On-campus presentations

Presentations will be made during class times in Week 12, although the local lecturer may choose to allow some groups to present at earlier times if this is convenient for the class.

What Is On-Campus Presentations | company introduction presentation

The presentation will take no longer than 8 minutes to complete. Students will construct and use a PowerPoint presentation to accompany their presentation. All students must actively speak and present to receive marks.

Distance students’ presentations

Distance students in each group will use Zoom to make their presentation to the unit coordinator. Other students are welcome to join the Zoom session and interact with the presenting students, but it is not mandatory to do this.

What will be provided for you on Moodle?

The following will be made available progressively through the term:

  1. Topics (by Week 5)
  1. Online collaboration facilities (for Distance students only)
  1. PowerPoint template for use in the presentation.

Assessment Due Date

Week 12 Friday (9 Feb 2018) 11:45 pm AEST

All group presentations will be made during the regular class time in Week 12. Your campus lecturer will determine the schedule of presentations.

Return Date to Students

Feedback will be provided immediately after the presentation, but marks will not be published until final certification of all grades.



Assessment Criteria

You must be present and actively engaged in the scheduled presentation. Your local lecturer or tutor will assess the presentation and award marks on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Quality of scholarship: 6 marks 
  1. Quality of presentation: 4 marks.

Referencing Style

American Psychological Association (APA)



Submission Instructions

In class, or via the Zoom platform for Distance students.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Apply the fundamental principles of business ethics and corporate governance in a range of contexts

Given a case study, analyse ethical decision-making issues at the individual, group, and organisational levels

Practice ethical decision-making using appropriate strategies and models in a given context

Discuss and debate business ethics in a culturally-diverse global environment

Construct and defend a position for a given ethical problem based on values and knowledge of ethical behaviour across cultures.

Graduate Attributes


Team Work

Cross Cultural Competence

Ethical practice

3 Written Individual Assessment – Case Study (40%)

Assessment Type

Written Assessment

Task Description