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What is meant by person-centered practice or children-centered practice

What is meant by person-centered practice or children-centered practice, and their examples?

What are two different scenarios where client interactions are involved and how can their effectiven…

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

In the modern world, administrative practices and social services are often imagined and planned statistically. Under such a reckoning, the multiple facets of individuals seem to be fitted under the standardized image of for instance the citizen. In school, even children, each of who are truly unique as individuals are reduced to the image of a student whose responsibility and identity are narrowed down to their ability to master an abstract curriculum.
People/Child centered practices are therefore practices which pay more attention to the contours of the identity of each individual. In such practices, individuals are acknowledged as they are, as against fitting them into a simplified and standardized images that have become bureaucratic stock in the past few decades. In other words people and children centric approaches pay more attention to the social, cultural, emotional, economic and psychological aspects of each individual.
A few examples for student centered learning would be:
Acknowledging that student understanding can take diverse forms.
Allowing for the development instruction and curriculum on the basis of what children want and need to know.
Involving students in the project of devising a guide to score their performances.