David Marks Staff asked 4 years ago

What are the roles and responsibilities

What are the roles and responsibilities for supporting change?

I’d like to understand how individuals can be supported so that they can manage change, and to express preferences and anxieties. I’d also like to know how support methods can be adapted to take account of preferences and anxieties.

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Healthcare providers are required to work with both the individual and key people to support change. Key people may include family, friends and carers who are going to support the individual. By providing active support to individuals, healthcare providers can ensure that they remain independent to the extent possible.
Healthcare providers should provide the necessary information, and decide on activities and services that individuals and key people should handle, and the ones the carer should manage. They should also review the methods with the individual and key people, and maintain a record of the agreed plan.
Some ways to enable individuals to express their anxieties and preferences are to treat them equally with respect, maintain confidentiality, allow them to make decisions, and use their preferred method of communication.