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What are the limitations

What are the limitations to selecting a sample size in statistics, and what are the examples to support this?

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

The following are the limitations of selecting the size of sample

  • Biasness: There may be chances of biasness while selecting the size of sample from whole population because each unit has same chances of selection.
  • Non scientific: Generally the size of the sample is not in the scientific way. There may be chances that selected size may not provide a representative sample.
  • Accuracy: there is not any suitable and accurate method of determining the size of the sample
  • Time consuming: the selection of size of the sample is very complex and time consuming task.

For example: if you are going to calculate the average performance of each class in the school, then the determination of the size of the sample will be very difficult because some students in the class will bright and some will be weak. So the selection of size of the sample is very time consuming and complex task, it requires proper knowledge and experience.