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Requirements Enter Criminal Justice Professional

The minimal requirement to enter the criminal justice depends on the area that one wants to join, either in the police, the courts or the correctional services (Gibson et al., 2008). Actually, a significant number of people who enter criminal just professionals do not have a degree. For instance, local police officers do not require a degree although they may require some knowledge in post-secondary education such as college credit (Gillis, 2006). However, with the sophistication of crime and increased can for upholding of human rights including the rights of the offender have called for criminal justice professionals to undertake higher studies and become degree holders.

Requirements Enter Criminal Justice Professional

The common degree that is common and most appropriate for the criminal justice professionals is criminology, social work, law and other related degrees. People who enter the force without degree education can pursue them while working, which is vital in enhancing their competence and increasing their earnings (Burns, 2007).

Experience in criminal justice and the general practice of law is important for some profession within the criminal justice system. For instance, Judges and magistrates are required by law to have immense experience in matters relating to criminal justice, to ensure that they render their services skillfully and wisely (Kemshall, 2003).

Other requirements to join the system are being devoid of criminal past, should be able to adhere to ethical principles and must be fully conversant with the law especially those relating to criminal justice (Burns, 2007).