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Regulatory Findings

  • The Minerals Management Findings Management Service (MMS) and other regulatory frameworks that existed prior to the Macondo incident did not adequately tackle risks associated with deepwater drilling like Macondo. The regulatory personnel were incapable of effectively assess the overall safety or risk of the project due to inexperience and insufficient training.

4.0       Recommendations for Action

The following recommendations, if implemented, would prevent an incident of this nature from occurring in the future:

  1. Improved industry guidance for barriers and process safety systems
  2. Just complying with appropriate standards and regulations is not enough, facility management has to develop a framework for understanding risk. It is key to define what levels of risks are acceptable.
  3. Well-defined safety roles for the operator and contractors.
  4. While trying to take measures to save cost, Management Findingsmanagement processes must ensure that those steps do not compromise the safety of operations.
  5. Rig personnel and company employees should develop a culture of leadership responsibility. They must take individual ownership of safety concerns. They should ask questions, strive to get answers until they get it right.


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Regulatory Findings

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