David Marks Staff asked 5 years ago

Reflection Essay


This essay is going to discuss about my personal reflection regarding my brother’s advice on taking up English course. As a foreign individual who is going to migrate to the United States, I was informed by my brother through phone that I should start enrolling to an institution where they offer English language course. The reason behind is to help me learn English in order to become productive such as being closer to job opportunities and being able to communicate well with others in the future. However, at first, I did not think about it seriously because I was having fun playing online games. The reason behind is that I was too focused on my laziness as I was enjoying my past time from a stressful academic environment.

When one of my online playmates knew that I was leaving for migrating to United States, he suggested that I should be immediately enroll myself to learn English. This was the period I started realizing what my brother have had told me. So I took the advice of my online game playmate and started learning English by enrolling to a one month English crash course then went to the United States after one month.

When I landed in the US, I already felt the consequences of not following the advice of my brother. Upon arriving, I started having difficulties communicating with the taxi driver. This incident happened again in fast food when I try to place my order. The feeling of regret has been intensified because I managed to take advices seriously that is already late. As a conclusion for this personal reflection, a moment of someone gave you an advice and you didn’t listen to it, then after a while, you regret it because you didn’t listen to it.Works Cited

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