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What is the number of hydrogen atoms

What is the number of hydrogen atoms, glucose molecules, and moles of glucose in a sample of glucose?

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Each molecule of glucose contains two atoms of hydrogen per one atom of carbon. so the sample contains 2*1.25*1021 = 2.5*1021 atoms of hydrogen
6 atoms of carbon = 1molecule of glucose
1.280*1021 atoms of carbon = X molecules
so the sample contains X = 1.280*1021/6 = 0.208*1021 molecules of glucose
1 mole of glucose =6.022*1023 molecules
n moles of glucose = 0.208*1021 molecules
so, the sample contains n = 0.208*1021/6.022*1023 =3.45*104 moles of glucose
m = M*n where M is the molar mass of glucose (180g/mol), n -moles
so the mass of sample, m = 180*3.45*104 = 0.62g