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What are some key social issues contributing

What are some key social issues contributing to the need for criminal justice practitioners?

I am writing my first essay for college. I am having a little trouble getting started. I am unsure of how to go about it.

It is for my criminal justice class.

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

1. Prison Overcrowding: poor prison conditions which leads to inadequate healthcare and meeting basic adequate living condition 2. Death penalty: risk of killing an innocent person. Once the action is carried out, it cannot be reversed, such as putting someone in jail.
On writing an essay, this is how you start.
I would suggest you first begin by creating a three section outline for your essay like this:

  • introduction
  • social issues/ the content
  • conclusion

Then start by answering a couple of basic questions in paragraphs.
Who are the criminal justice practionersand what do they do? 
Then after this brief introduction say something about the way the criminal justice system would be if they were not there.
Say they take care of health conditions of a prisoner. Then if a practioners were not to take care of this prisoners would fall sick and the government would have to spend money on taking care of thier illness. Or epidemics could break out in prison.
this is just an example, and you will have to refer to your class readings to figure out the exact  what issues will occur if these people were not doing thier job. List about 3-5 of these points in paragraphs.Then finally state how the presence of a criminal justice practioner doesnot let these problems happen and so you can justify the need for them.
This is how you write a paper. Ideally the mid section should be 1/2 of the required word limit and the introduction and conclusion should be 1/4 each. You could also find citations from Reserachers to support your arguement.
I will get back to you on the answer in a while, meanwhile why don’t you try to answer a part of it yourself. A large part of education is to try and think through questions by yourself, and you can do it. Don’t be nervous, it’s a learning process. :
Some issues that criminal justice practioners face are like this

  • they are interacting with members of family and human beings but they must enforce the law. Say an officer needs to separate a criminal parent from a child, they have to do it despite the fact that they are breaking a family. So socially CRPs are seen as outsiders and cruel in a community.
  • CRPs are at great risk, while normal people hurry away from crimes and problems CRPs like the law enforcement division need to run towards it.
  • Sometimes members of a community perceive the CRPs with suspicion and alienate them. The CRP then needs to still follow through and complete her job.

so we may say that the CRPS are the bridges between justice and society. While the law is meant for every one, in a modern society, there needs to be people who can detect, prevent crimes and also when a crime has been or is being committed, they have to stop it or prevent it. Also after a criminal act, it is the CRP who have to dispense justice, for and against people involved. As people involved in the legal system they are the active agents of a justice system that ensures the smooth functioning of a legally protected society.