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How successful were the New World efforts

How successful were the New World efforts of France, England, and Spain by the early 1700s?

I also have to compare and contrast the New World efforts of Spain, England and France. How do I go about with it? Thanks for your help.

working on it. check back in few hours.

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

The first of the colonisers in the New World were the Spanish people. All of the colonisations had adverse effect on the Native Americans to different degrees.
The Spanish motto was that they were after God, Gold and glory. So it turned out that they were only after the latter two. The Native American civilizations like that of Aztecs and Incans were destroyed from this colonisation. They were deciminated with disease and slavery. The captured Africans and forced them to be slaves. They were the most destructive of all the colonisers.
The British came after the Spanish colonisers. They began with piracy and seajacking fleets. Soon they escalated from robbing the New World products to colonising it. thrir aim was to impose monarchy over the land. They did not tolerate cultural or religious assimilation to with their culture. They exterminated and dislodged the population from their lands. They uprooted the natives to gain land that they can call their own.
France had economic interests. They were already preoccupied with the European conflict and their manpower was limited. Hence they chose to co-exist with the natives to pursue the fur trade. Yet they did not assimilate