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How Can Self Awareness

How can self-awareness be applied to a motivation paper?

I am writing my final paper on motivation and an element of it requires me to look at self-awareness and also, what my weaknesses, strengths and insights are. Please help!

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Self awareness is a concept used to describe knowledge, and sensitivity to oneself, including physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of an individual. For instance, this would include knowing intimately the ways in which you tend to react to situations, and your usual patterns of behavior. Having this knowledge is considered paramount to leading a driven, well directed life.
Observing, reflecting and incorporating feedback on one’s general patterns of behavior lets you know your strengths and weaknesses intimately, and gives you a realistic picture of your limits, and what you are capable of. This, in turn, helps you direct your energies well. For instance, if you find that your personality type is introverted, and that this results in uncomfortable/ difficult social interactions, you will learn to overcome this, or find careers and a lifestyle that doesn’t require you to put yourself in such situations.
While it is difficult to quantify the influence of self awareness on an individual’s motivation, it seems quite inevitable that a self aware person learns to trust her intuitions, and to act on the inferences of their intuition. On a side note, it can be difficult for a driven person to deal with her failures when she doesn’t know how she might have contributed/ not contributed to them. This is where a wholesome knowledge about oneself helps to sustain a level of motivation and persist even when things don’t seem to be working.