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 Does gender inequality

Does gender inequality exist in the publishing world, and what is proof of this?

I need to write a paper proving that gender inequality exists in the publishing world, and cite five sources where three of them are from databases.

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David Marks Staff answered 4 years ago

Gender inequality is when a person is either perceived unequally or treated unequally based on their gender. In addition to the male and female gender, you could include transgender categories in your research as well.
While researching the publishing world, there are many areas you can look at. You will also have to define specifically what country, publishing house, or genre (academic papers, novels, magazines) you are looking at. You could explore the distribution of gender amongst writers and publishers. You could also look at the payscale in the publishing industry based on gender. Moreover you could look at how advertising and media conglomerates influence what is published. In terms of academic publishing, you will also have to factor in the gender distribution across the faculty.
As a personal exercise, review the readings given to you in your literature, history, physics or philosophy classes. How many of the textbooks or papers were written by women or transgender individuals?

Some resources you can look into include:
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