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Christianity Western civilisation period

The influence of Christianity on Western Civilization is astonishing. For instance, the artistic imagery was born from the Bible. Before the rise of Christianity, art reflected the love for nature. When Christianity developed, a more spiritual art was born with supernatural beings. This art flourished for over three centuries. “This Christian accent was to a great extent also reflected in Renaissance art until the so-called Age of Enlightenment, the eighteenth century” (Schmidt). According to Schmidt, the law and the justice we experience today are as a complete result of the historical Biblical readings. (249) The Bible is full of infamous leaders who acted as the law and the suffering that befell them.  This acts as a guide for the current leadership.

Similarly, in the dawn of Western civilization; equality among human beings, the Magna Carta of the US brought unheard changes to the government. The charter, signed in 2015 advocated for Justice could no longer be sold or denied to freemen who were under the authority of barons;

  • No taxes could be levied without representation;
  • Nobody was ever to be imprisoned without a trial; and

Christianity Western civilisation period

The property could not be taken from the owner without just compensation (Schmidt 251).

The Magna Carta made significant Christian references from the Bible. The charter was said to be formulated in reverence for God, salvation, honor of God and the exaltation of the church(Schmidt).

The paper will seek to center on St. Augustine of Hippo, a philosopher and theologian of the late Roman/early medieval period and the efforts he exhibited in the western civilization and religion.