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Challenges Facing Criminal Justice Professionals

Just like any other professionals, the criminal justice professionals are bound to encounter several challenges, both systemic and individual. Systemic challenges may occur where the set laws fail to support the basic principle of criminal justice of fairness. The laws may favor some groups while discriminating others, thus defeating the purpose of justice. For instance, in some nations, dominant groups are by law given preference in the criminal justice more than others, and this may result in resentment meted against the criminal justice professionals who may be perceived as biased. The criminal system may condone some unethical practices such as corruption and bribery, which may taint the image of the professionals and could lose public confidence and trust (Roberson & Mire, 2010).

On the individual level, some people may be biased when in the line of duty. Some professions may abdicate their

Challenges Facing Criminal Justice Professionals

professional and ethical responsibilities to pursue their personal or selfish interest, thus jeopardizing the objective of providing fair services to the public (Gibson et al., 2008).


Criminal justice professionals are vital in ensuring social order and hence, they must uphold their ethical and legal requirements. Criminal justice professionals work in courts, police departments and correctional services and strive to ensure that justice is granted to both the victims of crime and the offenders. For the professionals to remain competent, they must continuously develop their career through further education and in job learning, which enhances their experience and skill level to work effectively.


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