9001SMGT1803 Term 2 Strategic Management Assignment

9001SMGT1803 Term 2 Strategic Management Assignment

Keep is short include

Short overview of organisations to demonstrate its what it does and it size … EG number of employees, revenue, reach, geography

  1. 9001SMGT1803 Term 2 Strategic Management AssignmentOverview of the critical success factors
  2. Overview of the industry segment
  3. Overview of key completion in the segment pertaining to this report.

This activity requires you to work in a team. In Week 1, you will be randomly allocated to a team of three to four members each, and a list of team members will be posted in your Class forum by your class facilitator.

In your respective team discussion forum, you are expected to work together as a team and share your thoughts/ideas with each other before arriving at the final conclusions/recommendations.

To begin with, it may be a good idea to post a short introduction about yourself for the fellow team members in your team forum. As an ice-breaker, you may wish to include some information about your background, industry experience, etc.

Refer to the Mini Guide to Teamwork at AIB for information and assistance concerning working collaboratively as a team.

Activity Brief

It is highly recommended that students have familiarized themselves well with the relevant concepts discussed in the learning materials/textbook before they start working on this activity, e.g. Competitive strength assessment (Topic 4 of the learning materials/Chapter 4 of the textbook) and offensive and defensive strategies (Topic 6 of the learning materials/Chapter 6 of the textbook).

For this activity, you are required (as a team) to select an organisation of your choice, which can be your organisation or an organisation with which you are familiar.

Your chosen organisation wishes to strengthen its competitive position in the market. For this purpose, you are required to assess the competitive strength of your selected organisation against some of its key rivals.

Depending on your team size, each team will conduct a detailed competitive strength assessment of their chosen organisation against 2-3 of its major competitors in the industry. Based on your analysis, you are required to recommend (as a team) which offensive or defensive strategy your chosen organisation should follow to strengthen its competitive position in the market and why do you believe so.

This activity needs to be completed in two parts.

  • In Part A, your team’s representative will need to submit your team’s report on behalf of the entire team.
  • In Part B, each individual member of the team is required to complete and submit their Peer evaluation form evaluating each of their team members’ (including themself) contribution to the team (see Supporting files).

Part A

  1. Decide on an organisation, and provide a brief overview of the team’s chosen organisation and industry.
  2. Depending on your team size, identify 2–3 key rivals of your chosen organisation within the same industry. That is, a team of four members is required to assess the competitive strength of their selected organisation and three of its key rivals whereas a team of three members will conduct a similar assessment for their chosen organisation and two of its main competitors in the industry.
  3. After preliminary discussions, students can distribute different companies among themselves whereby each team member is initially responsible for working on one particular company and organising all the required information relevant to it.
  4. Identify 5–6 key success factors for your chosen industry (e.g. product features, reputation/goodwill, financial strength, technological skills, distribution network, etc.)
  5. For the key success factors, assess their importance for success in your chosen industry and, based on their relative significance, assign weights to each of those key success factors identified earlier.
  6. Using a 1–10 rating scale, rate the strength of your chosen organisation in relation to other competitors for each of these key success factors.
  7. Calculate the weighted strength ratings for each key success factor and arrive at the overall competitive strength rating for each company included in the assessment.
  8. Based on your analysis of each measure, identify the competitive areas in which your organisation is particularly stronger and/or weaker than its rivals. Also, comment on the overall competitiveness of the chosen organisation against its rivals.
  9. Keeping in view the results extracted from this assessment, suggest which offensive or defensive strategy will help your chosen organisation the most in strengthening its competitive position in the market and why do you believe so.

 While addressing each of the above assignment requirements, it is important that you provide sufficient justification and explanation throughout your analysis and establish a clear linkage with the relevant concepts.


Submit your team’s report as a PDF file. Only one submission from the team, submitted by a nominated team representative, is required.

Part B

Once the team activity has been submitted by the team’s representative, all individual members of the team are required to complete and submit their Peer evaluation form and provide their assessment of each team members’ contribution (including themselves) toward completion of this activity. This submission is individual and evaluations will not be shared with your fellow team members.

Note: Your assessment submission will not be considered as complete unless you have provided your peer evaluation feedback using the Peer evaluation form. If you don’t submit a form, your contribution will be assessed on the basis of the evidence that is available: team discussion forum contributions, your team members’ evaluations etc.

Marks allocation

Not all the members of the team will necessarily share the same mark for the Team activity. Before allocating a final score, your class facilitator will take into account the quality as well as the percentage of the contribution made by each member of the team as evidenced by the team discussion forum and peer evaluation forms submitted by your team members.

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