7PJMN003W Program & Strategic Management | Program in Strategic Management

7PJMN003W Program & Strategic Management DEADLINE: All work needs to be submitted by 1pm on Thursday1 December 2016. You are encouraged to submit your work as soon as possible before the deadline.

SUBMISSION: You should submit your coursework before the deadline. Please see the module’sBlackboard site for details about uploading your coursework.

7PJMN003W Program & Strategic Management | Program in Strategic ManagementYou are permitted to upload your work only once; therefore your online submission should be seen as your final submission. Please ensure that you upload the correct file when you upload your work; also ensure you keep copies of your work in case you are requested to submit these pieces of work again later in the year.

QUESTIONS: All questions about this coursework need to be posted to the coursework discussion board on Blackboard. This is to ensure only the correct advice about your coursework is given and everyone receives the same information at the same time.

Coursework Introduction
This coursework has been designed to assess the following learning outcomes:
– critically evaluate the changing emphasis in project management; in particular the rise of global/dispersed projects/programmes;
– align programmes to the firm’s strategy;
– critically analyse project and programme issues, such as risk management, qualitymanagement and resource allocation;
– critically analyse structural, process, management and relationship implicationswithin a project (both traditional and at-distance cooperative projects);
– critically evaluate commercial and behavioural issues in the management of projects.

In order to do well in this assessment, you need to demonstrate your Masters (Level 7) level academic skills. This will take the form of you taking concepts/theories and applying/analysing them in different situations in a style that has academic rigor. Please remember academic rigor is achieved through clear critical thinking, the extensive use of suitable academic sources and clear development of academic arguments. The following University YouTube video might help you think about how to start your work: freeassignmenthelp.com.youtube.com/watch?v=qiPJ3Ci1h6Q. It is expected that you should have more than five academic sources of information in your academic report and use in-text referencing, as well as a complete reference list.

Since this coursework is investigating a real world programme, some of the information you need for your analysis might not be available to you. You will need to make a number of assumptions. If you do make assumptions, then it is essential that you base these on known theories and practices.

You should ensure that you cite all of your sources of information using the Harvard referencing style (ie in-text referencing as well as a complete reference list). Please note that when you submit your assessment, the submission system checks your work for potential academic offences, so ensure you are very careful when referencing and quoting material. Please ensure when quoting that you use “quotation marks”.

When writing an essay, report or other assignment you will need to support your arguments by referring to published work such as books, journal or newspaper articles, government reports, dissertations and theses, and material from the Internet.

You will need to give accurate references:
• To give credit to other authors’ concepts and ideas
• To provide the reader (often the marker/examiner of the assignment) with evidence of the breadth and depth of your reading
• To enable the readers of your work to locate the references easily
• To avoid being accused of plagiarism, an academic offence that can lead to loss of marks, module failure or in severe cases exclusion from the University.

Academic offences, including plagiarism, are treated very seriously in the Westminster Business School. A student who is proven to have committed an academic offence may be placing his or her degree in jeopardy. It is your responsibility as a student to make sure that you understand what constitutes an academic offence, and in particular, what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. The academic regulations can be downloaded from 99assignmenthelp.com.westminster.ac.uk/study/current-students/resources/academic-regulations and academic misconduct is covered in section 10.

Coursework Brief

This assessment expects you to write an academic report investigating strategy behind and how the programme was managed. This research requires you to determine if the programme was managed effectively and it fulfilled the strategic goals, if there were any project management predicaments and what lessons can be acquired for future projects/programmes of a similar nature.

During your research remember it is essential that you provide a detailed piece of academic work, illustrating your capability to find and select appropriate information, analyse this information, and provide a thoroughly structured academic discussion.

The programme you need to investigate is the recent BBC’s Estate programme (including the New Broadcasting house and Media Village (W12) projects).

Useful background links:
– http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/bbctrust/assets/files/pdf/review_report_research/vfm/managing_bbc_estate.pdf
– https://www.nao.org.uk/report/the-bbcs-management-of-three-major-estate-projects/
– 99assignmenthelp.com.bbc.co.uk/bbctrust/news/press_releases/2016/bbc_critical_projects

Your academic report should be logically structured, making use of headings/sub-headings to help the reader follow your arguments.

The academic report should not be longer than 3000 words (excluding the contents page, executive summary/abstract, reference list, tables and diagrams). Please note that you can make use of an appendix; this will not however be marked and should only be used to provide support for the main body of the report by providing material that the reader does not have access too. All other materials should be either included in the main body of the report or cited within the report.
Some of the information for this programme is not in the public space; therefore you may need to make educated assumptions. These assumptions should be noted in the text and academically supported.

Level of achievement
In order to gain a higher mark in this coursework, you need to provide a detailed academic analysis of the programme. You then need to identify the key lessons learnt from thisprogramme, that are being used or should be used in other programmes. It is expected that you provide an academic rationale for the selection of the lessons learnt. You should relate key academic thinking to the important aspects of the programme.

Marking Criteria
This coursework will be marked using the following marking criteria and the final mark will be aligned to the Business School generic marking levels (on the next page). This module is a LEVEL 7 module.

Marking Criterion Weighting
Abstract 5%
Introduction to the programme and its context 15%
Description of the programme and its management 20%
Analysis of the programme management 20%
Conclusions 10%
Recommendations about how the programme could have been managed better and lessons learnt could be applied to future similar programmes. 20%
Selection of suitable and current sources of information. 10%

It is inferred that your academic report should be a high quality piece of work and the marks above will depend upon this quality. The quality of the coursework is determined by the quality of the academic rigor you use in your work, the structure of the report ,and the standard of the academic English used.

Business School Marking Levels
Level 4 5 6 7
No evidence to suggest that any learning has taken place beyond the most basic principles. 1-9 0 (0) 0
Makes no serious attempt to answer the question, and has little or no coherence. What little evidence exists to show that learning has taken place is interspersed with nonsense. 10-19 1-9 0 0

7PJMN003W Program & Strategic Management | Program in Strategic Management

Makes a limited attempt to answer the question but demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the issues concerned. Misunderstandings and errors of fact are likely to outweigh correct or meaningful statements. There is unlikely to be any referencing. The poor quality of the writing may make it difficult to read. 20-29 10-19 1-9 0
Attempts to answer the question but is only partly successful in doing so, with much irrelevant material included and much relevant material left out. Referencing is likely to be limited. It should show at least an emerging understanding of the issues, but is likely to Include some fundamental misunderstandings and/or errors of fact. It may well lack structure and be poorly written. 30-39 20-29 10-19 1-9
Makes a clear attempt to answer the question, but is likely to include material of doubtful relevance. It may well be based largely on a single text- book, or on lecture notes, but shows at least a basic understanding of the issues. There may be some significant misunderstandings or errors of fact. Structure may be confused and language clumsy. 40-49 30-39 20-29 10-19
Is clearly focused on the question and demonstrates a general understanding of the major issues without significant misunderstandings or errors of fact. It may well demonstrate a degree of naivety and is likely to be largely descriptive in nature. It should be properly referenced, but may be based on a limited number of sources, principally text-books. It should have a coherent structure, but may have some clumsy expression. 50-59 40-49 30-39 20-29
Demonstrates a detailed understanding of the major issues and at least a general awareness of problems and conflicting viewpoints. Reading is likely to go beyond basic textbooks, and should show at least an emerging ability to compare and contrast the arguments in different sources. It should be well-structured and well-written. 60-69 50-59 40-49 30-39
Demonstrates a full understanding of the major issues and a full awareness of problems and conflicting viewpoints. It should include references to secondary as well as tertiary sources (journal articles, monographs etc.) and should demonstrate at least an emerging ability to evaluate and criticize sources. The quality of argument should demonstrate a degree of sophistication and elegance. 70-79 60-69 50-59 40-49
Demonstrates a clear ability to evaluate and criticise sources and at least an emerging ability to apply original insight and thought to the issues under discussion. There should be at least a limited understanding of theoretical issues. If the analysis of primary data is included this should be conducted with at least a basic degree of competence. 80-89 70-79 60-69 50-59
Demonstrates a clear ability to apply original insight and critical thought to the issues under discussion, and a clear understanding of the problems and limitations of the approaches developed. It should demonstrate a degree of sophistication in the way in which theory and practice are integrated. If the analysis of primary data is included this should be conducted with complete competence and with a degree of sophistication. 90-99 80-89 70-79 60-69
Theoretically informed, with a high degree of originality and an effective integration of secondary and primary data. It should be capable of adaptation with a limited amount of effort either for publication (though not necessarily in a peer-reviewed journal) or for effective professional use (e.g. a marketing strategy that could actually be presented to the Board). 100 90-99 80-89 70-79
Suitable for publication or effective professional use, as above, in its submitted form, without significant adaptation. (100) 100 90-99 80-89
Suitable for publication as a significant article in a peer-reviewed journal, or as a highly innovative professional document. (100) (100) 100 90-100

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