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Assignment 2 (30%) – Due 3/02/2017

W1/Chapter 1 – What is OB?

  • What is ‘organisational behaviour’ and what does the field study?

W1/Chapter 2 – Diversity

  • What are the components required for an effective, comprehensive workforce program that encourages diversity?

W2/Chapter 3 – Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

  • Discuss the three components of an attitude.
  • What are the major causes of job satisfaction?

W3/Chapter 4 – Personality and Values

  • Identify the five key traits in the Big Five personality model.

W4/Chapter 5 – Emotions and Moods

  • Explain the differences among the following terms: affect, emotions and moods.

W5/Chapter 6 – Perception and Individual Differences

  • Define the concept of perception and why it is important in the study of OB.

W6/Chapter 7 – Motivation

  • Discuss goal-setting theory and its implications for managers. (Hint: Read Edwin Locke)

W7/Chapter 8 – Group Behaviour

  • Differentiate between formal and informal groups.

W8/Chapter 11 – Leadership

  • What is the difference between leadership and management?

W9/Chapter 12 – Power and Politics

  • How is ‘power’ defined?

W10/Chapter 14 – Organisational Structure

  • What is organisational structure?

W11/Chapter 15 – Organisational Culture

  • Distinguish ‘dominant culture’ from a ‘subculture’.

W12/Chapter 16 – Organisational Change and Stress Management

  • List the six specific forces for change.
  • What are some of the potential environmental sources of stress?


  • Each Question is worth 5 Marks for a total of 75 Marks
  • Answers to each question should be 50-200 words
  • Number your answers correctly (i.e. 1-15)
  • Answers should start from Page 2; and provide references where required.
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