ISY211 Programming Assignment

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ISY211 Programming Assignment

ISY211 – Programming Assignment#1

Weighting – 10% 


ISY211 Programming AssignmentThis assignment will test you on basic programming skills in an object oriented Language C#. It tests you on the familiarity of the syntax, Lexical elements and Data in C# as well as the basic constructs like conditions and Repetitions in C#.

Due Date: Sunday, 6th may, 2017 by 11:5PM


Create a console based C# application using the following specification.

Danielle, Edward, and Francis are three salespeople at Holiday Homes. Write an application named HomeSales that prompts the user for a salesperson initial (D, E, or F). Either uppercase or lowercase initials are valid.

While the user does not type Z, continue by prompting for the amount of a sale. Issue an error message for any invalid initials entered.

Keep a running total of the amounts sold by each salesperson. After the user types Z or z for an initial, display each salesperson’s total, a grand total for all sales, and the name of the salesperson with the highest total.

Below is an example output for your reference.

Marking Criteria:

Criteria Marks
Good naming conventions used in naming variable 1
Program checking for valid person initial, invalid initial as well as stopping when ‘Z’ or ‘z’ is pressed 2.5
Correct Total sales 2
Total sales each sales person displayed correctly 2
Maximum sales identified and displayed with the correct name of the sales person 2.5
Total 10