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Task 1: Time Management

Methods of planning and prioritizing task and principles of time management

Time management is a method that involves prioritizing, planning and methodically organizing the time that will be spent on specific activities. Anderson and Holcombe (2013) commented that it will, therefore, increase the efficiency, productivity, effectiveness and performance of the activities and task. It helps people to learn to prioritize the goals and tasks and determine the amount of time that is to be spent behind each of the activities. The principle of time management is assessing the time and doing a single thing at one time and staying focused on that work. One should have a clear vision regarding the establishment of limits and application of the time to accomplish the work within scheduled time. According to the outlook and opinion of Forster (2014), the time management also involves commitment of the person in the work they are completing. It also engages the fun and enjoyment that the people have while accomplishing the task methodically and systematically within time. So, the time management is bet used in prioritizing the task that needs to be done in what time.

The methods of planning and prioritizing the tasks are enlisted below:

Leveraging organizational skills: As per the opinion of Breese and Fehling (2013), for a good planning and prioritizing the work, the employee should leverage the organizational skills. It, therefore, helps in understanding the job roles and responsibilities that will automatically help the employees in prioritizing the tasks and will also improve the overall productivity. So, the employees initially need to leverage their skills and learning that will help in understanding the task and prioritizing them. As a result, with better skills and knowledge, the task will be completed in time.

Updating To-Do list: Landry and McDaniel (2015) commented that another method of planning the tasks and prioritizing the same lies in updating the list of tasks that need to be done. A worksheet need to be maintained by the employees to rank the tasks as per their importance of completion and tick mark the done tasks. It helps in providing a clear vision to the employees regarding the urgencies in the work and their focus of mind.