Wireless Security And Preventive Methods

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Wireless Security And Preventive Methods

Executive Summary

Wireless network is used for network connectivity between two or more devices by using radio frequency or in air. Basically it includes wired infrastructure, client systems and access point. The network does not rely on pre built infrastructure so this network can be consider as ad hoc. These are self configuring and dynamic networks. The nodes can be move anywhere and anytime. Some hardware devices such as routers, hubs, firewalls are used to forward the data.


     Wireless network is the system in which the networking is done with wireless data connection. Radio waves are used to connect the network to computing devices. Costly process of cables is avoided by using this method.  The implementation of the radio cableis placed at OSI model’s physical layer. The wireless network includes mobile phones, wireless sensor networks, satellite communication method, wireless local area networks etc.

Also the security is also provides to these wireless network medias. This security is called wireless security. This is used to prevent unauthorized access to wireless computer networks.WEP is the security that is used commonly. The password that is used by WEP can be easily hacked. Some systems have pre-installed security wireless cards. Wireless security is created to provide the proper security to wireless network.


The history of the wireless network should be help to know about the facts that how security problem are affecting the system and how these attacks can be handling. Because of security concern, there was a need to accept the security challenges. Earlier in the 802.11, standards for the wireless network that makes two forms of authentication-OSA and SKA.  There weresome issues that were faced with WEP. Main issues were:

  • Streaming algorithm was used.
  • Re-use the pre-packet master key
  • 11 Is sane sharing of keys?
  • It causes replay attack.

Security challenges

As wireless networking is the type of networking in which the networking is done between devices are provided by wireless connection. To prevent the devices from unauthorized access the security is provided to network. As wireless networking has many positive points because user can work from anywhere he is suitable. But these are some issues also with wireless networking. Hackers can easily break the wireless networking and they can use some wireless technologies to do hacking in network that is using wired networking. Due to increasing of the risks the security challenge is becoming more popular and sincere challenge to be discussed. (Tsai, Lai, & Vasilakos, 2014). Hacking is easier with the windows and Linux based systems.

It has been found that more than 95% company employees use wireless networking on their laptops or other computing devices. Due to synchronization the data loss is more expecting in wireless networking.

Problem Faced

In these days wireless networking is growing rapidly. The wireless network systems like mobile phones, LAN are more essential part of daily life. Due to maximum usage of these wireless systems these are becoming the targets of the virus writers. Mostly hackers find out the wireless networks for hacking that are used by big companies. Due to attack of hackers there will be a risk of information stolen from the systems of the companies.

  • Authentication: The main problem faced due to wireless network is the authentication. Due to wireless system many users can have access on system and there will no need to have permission.
  • Small network: For small offices or homes the small wireless networking is used by users. With this users can only have access on those features that are declared on the box of wireless product.
  • Hackers: Attacks of the virus on wireless networks by the hackers is the big problem faced in these days. Due to hacking the hackers can have access on user’s mobile or system which might have user’s personal or important data or information.