Virtualization Assignment Help

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Virtualization Assignment Help


Virtual machines

Virtualization or basically a virtual machine is a software that gives permission to an entire operating system to run on the Host operating system either in a seamless mode or as a container window or full screen (Purdy, 2016). Some of many reasons you need to a virtual machines are:-

Implementation of Ubuntu VM

To begin with, Ubuntu is open source operating system distributed and powered by Linux. This means it can be access freely by professionals and community. To install a virtual machine in any host machine, first you need to have a virtual box installed (, 2014)

Virtualization Assignment Help

Virtual Box Installation

  1. First you need to read the VB documentation at
  2. On the left the left sidebar, navigate to download link.
  3. Download VB and then install it in your system (platform).
  4. Now after installing virtual box, run it in your platform for verification. This will open virtual box manager window as well as a default message alert “quick start powered off”.
  5. Now that it has installed perfectly, there will be notice of updates whenever a new functionality is available. You can assess the importance of the update to your organization(Purdy, 2016). But still make sure you are always on the newest version of VB.

UBUNTU and Virtual Box Set Up

  1. Download Ubuntu 112.04 LTS ISO to your system via This image will only work with Microsoft virtual PC VM or even CD/USB installation. Once the installation is done, DO NOT double click the .iso file because it is used to install ubuntu VB double clicking it will install ubuntu in your operating system and override the host operating system. To be clear on this Host OS is the systems Operating system while guest OS will be installed in the virtual Box (, 2016).
  2. Open the virtual box and click on the New icon in order to configure a new virtual box.