Unit 6 Business Decision Making

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BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business-Unit 6: Business Decision Making ECBC 1
Unit 06: Business Decision Making
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Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5
Higher Nationals Diploma in Business(QCF)
Unit 6: Business Decision Making
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Mr Charles Banigo / Mrs Rumana Rumu
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04 Apr 2016 11 Jun 2016 17 Jun 2016


The business decisions are taken by management with the use of the gathered information. In order to gather information research has to be performed. Research is processed with the help of the survey and for data collection questionnaire is utilised. There are various aspects also get utilised such as tools and techniques of calculating average such as mean, median and mode. For better and influencing decision making management make use of percentile as well as correlation. To present the data in front of management information get represented in the form of graphs as various tables and different graphs are utilised such as pie chart, bar graph and many more. Graphical representation helps in making easy understanding over the information rendered. In order to make profitability evaluation there are various investment appraisal techniques of capital budgeting get utilised.