Unit 41 Programming In Java

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Unit 41 Programming In Java

Assignment Brief

“Read with Us” is a public library located in Colombo 03, which provides book borrowing, reading and reserving facilities for its’ members. You are hired as a programming developer to design and implement an automated Library Management System[LMS].

When a person wants to borrow, read or reserve a book, he /she must first have to register with the LMS. Registration process will be conducted by the librarian. Member details should be recorded and each member will get a unique member ID and a password which can be used at the login process of the LMS.

Once a member borrows a book, the librarian should be able to record the borrowing book and member details, borrowed date and return date should be recorded. Maximum number of books can be borrowed at a time is 2. At the returning process, system should check whether the member has any overdue fine charges. If so Rs.5/- should be charged for each book per day. Lending period for 2 books are 14 days.

Book and the author details should be recorded in the LMS. Available book quantity should be updated. Librarian should be able to view member details, search, view borrowed book details and fine payment details.

Using the desktop application members should be able to login to the LMS. Once they logged they can search for books, view book details and reserve books. Maximum number of books can be reserved is 2. Member should be able to check their borrowed book details and their overdue book details.