Unit 3 Strategic Change Management

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In this assignment, Strategic Change Management has been described with highlighting various aspects of it in organisations. In recent time, change is essential for sustainable growth and success of an organisation. Therefore, every organisation undertakes a change process to sustain with the changing market situation. In this assignment, Samsung Group has been chosen to analyse the significance and aspects of strategic change management. Relevant models, theories, techniques and factors for opting to strategic change management have been discussed in this assignment. Change management is a significant guide to attain its targets through implement organisational environment or management. Stakeholders’ planning with evaluating the involvement of change management has been discussed in this study. This study aims to identify the requirement for changes within organisation structure and implementation of these efficiently.

Figure 1: Samsung Group

(Source: Samsung UK, 2016)

Task 1

Understanding background of organisational change of strategy

A.C.1.1 Discussing strategic change models

Organisations can follow various strategic change models for organisation’s development. Kotter’smodel is about describing changes for an organisation. John Kotter created this model. Kotter proposed this model is as follows, first step is establishing sense of urgency and it is related to examining of market and competition (Fullan, 2014, p.45). Second step deals with partnership of power and this shares the developing strategies with assembled group. Third step is to create a vision and it assists to direct the change. Fourth step is to communicate the vision using all channels with new strategies. Fifth step is to empower others to take action for vision for erasing obstacles. Sixth step is to make planning and creating short goal for assuring performance. Seventh step is to produce and improve changes for implementing vision. Eighth step is to institutionaliseapproaches that has been taken. Advantage of this model is to focus on accepting and preparing changes with easy transition.