UML Online Student Attendance Management System

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UML Online Student Attendance Management System

Solution 1: In software designing, people generally like Unified Modelling Language or UML. It also offers many different things to stakeholders.  The design of our solution has used UML’s diagrams to present the skeleton and interaction among different components of the system.

UMLs can be formal if needed and informarl as simple as a plain English language. UML could be used for all different types of applications and for all different cases. However the expectancies would be different for instance, some architecturally demanding systems could be designed in high level of details whereas some will only have packages indicating the place of code i.e., the functionality, GUI etc. in the overall system picture. This code could be obtained in a number of different ways.

One of the main goals of an UML is to simplify the communication between different project stakeholders. It also acts as a communication method between development teams, documentation of project and as a contract between developers and customers. In my opinion, this goal is definitely reached. The main strength of UML is that it is a highly effective tool when the project is in initiation stage apart from the strengths mentioned earlier. Diagrams at this point in the development of software tend to play their role best. On the other hand, at the later stages, UML might not do much good and perhaps could even be cumbersome to do so. One can also make use of packaged designs so as to shorten the overall time it takes for the completion of the diagram. UML’s strength is also prevalent when one has to reverse engineer an old code or a code, which is written in some other way. While implementation stage does not mean that the code is 100% generated but the developer could get a clear and commented code skeleton with different kinds of descriptions in the shape of a UML diagram.