Toyota Prius Marketing Campaign

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Toyota Prius Marketing Campaign

Executive Summary

Toyota is a well know and reputed manufacturer of automobiles. It has launched the Prius model which represents the epitome of hybrid technology. This report seeks to devise an appropriate marketing strategy for the product in the British sector. Private owners and fleet owners have been selected as the target audience. The private owners belong to the affluent and prosperous middle class. This segment is highly conscious of factors like performance, cost, reliability, and efficiency. Fleet owners desire a product that has reduced operational and maintenance costs. Advertising, public relations, and direct marketing have been selected as the communication methods due to their broader reach, loyal customer base, and flexibility in advertising content. Television, newspapers, outdoor billboards, and email marketing are the appropriate mediums for advertisement and promotion. The direct marketing strategy will encompass various activities and processes. At the basic level, market research will be conducted about the consumer segments. Toyota has identified private owners and fleet buyers as the main segments which will be penetrated and researched. The first part of the implementation should seek to collect the statistics on the behavior, lifestyle, and attitudes of consumer segments. Market research will help Toyota to capitalize on its strengths in order to overcome limitations. A multifaceted and multidirectional strategy will help to produce superior business outcomes. Advertising, direct marketing, and public relations have been selected as the communication methods for promoting Toyota Prius.


Toyota is a leading giant in the global automobile market. The organization has witnessed rapid and robust growth due to its focus on innovation and creativity. It has successfully positioned itself in leading markets due to its ability to meet local standards, designs, and preferences. Toyota has a global network of manufacturing centers, distributors, dealers, and consumers (Jiji, 2009). The success of the organization has been due to its ability to successfully respond to fluctuations in the economic market. The United Kingdom automobile market has also been growing in recent years. This paper will seek to conduct a direct marketing strategy for its Prius product line.

Product Study

Prius is a state of the art hybrid technology that operates on petrol and electricity. It is the result of years of investments in research and development. Hybrid technology is the current buzzword for the future because of its environment friendly nature. Prius is also a reliable product that offers comfort and sleek design (Peter, 2009). It involves a number of features and attributes which are helpful in producing superior outcomes. The Prius is a product which was launched in the mid 1990s in the Japanese market. It enjoys the distinction of being the world’s first hybrid technology. Toyota made a great revolution in the step towards environmentally friendly cars. During the 1990s, there was heightened concern and awareness in consumers regarding the contribution of cars towards greenhouse gas emissions. Petrol driven cars were increasingly coming under the public scrutiny for releasing carbon emissions into the environment. Toyota embarked upon a massive campaign in order to successfully launch an innovative and creative product. Research and development focused on the use of electric cars as the future technology.