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Technology Assignment Help


In this modern era, new technologies are emerging and there are always upgrades occurring. Many of these technologies are used in different fields like robotics, aerospace engineering, and Nanotechnology.  The human race has progressed to a greater extent with the use of technologies in various fields.

Data storage and management have gained primary importance recently. Enormous amounts of data are being used and stored by organizations.Putting away and dealing with this immense measure of information has dependably been testing a superior world despite the fact that numerous related innovations have been taking off as of late. The term “Big data” has emerged and Hadoop technology uses a set of algorithms to process large clusters of data.

This project involves getting a job opportunity as a HADOOP developer so that I can learn many things about the company – what it is, where is comes from, how it can be applied to business processes, and how to get started using it.

With this internship, I would like to do the research job opportunitiesHadoop. The primary purpose for choosing this is for then going latest technology in the software industry. My undergraduate is in computer science and I gained some knowledge of SQL and databases. However, while completing my masters, I have gained good knowledge about big data, and where its types can be uniquely stored and processed in Hadoop. I believe that social media data should definitely need Hadoop for their unlimited competition and real-time decisions that include market share.

Hadoop has its roots at Yahoo!, whose internet web search tool business consists of constant preparing of a lot of Web page information. Eric Baldeschwieler challenged Owen O’Malley, co-founder of Horton works to solve a hard problem: store and process the information on the web in a basic, adaptable and financially plausible way. They took a gander at customary storage approaches; however, they immediately figured out that they simply weren’t going to work for the sort of information (a lot of it unstructured) and the sheer amount Yahoo! would need to manage (Baldeschweiler, 2013). It is a data management platform as it offers lower-cost storage framework and an open source development (Yuhanna, 2014). The research suggests that the broad enterprise can embrace and use Hadoop to create big data value (Business Value of Hadoop, 2013).

Hadoop is turned into a foundational engineering at Yahoo and it fundamentals an extensive variety of business-basic applications. Organizations in about every vertical began to embrace Hadoop. By 2010, the group had contracted a large number of clients and a wide undertaking energy had been created (Baldeschweiler, 2013).