Supporting Significant Life Events

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Supporting Significant Life Events

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Human beings experience significant life events throughout their lifetime that define the course of their lives. According to Humanities Assignment HelpFranz (2008), significant life events are occasions or happenings that cause changes in a person’s life. These include changes that transpire in a person’s thoughts regarding themselves, their surroundings and their situations. Franz (2008) further observes that in some scenarios, these events can cause behavioral changes in a person. However, it is essential to note that behavioral changes are not necessary to define significant life event. Some of the significant life events include marriage, birth, pregnancy, disease, death, divorce and rape among others. Speaking from this perspective, this paper will analyse the impact of significant life events   on   individuals   and   their   social   networks,   the   available   support   for   individuals experiencing significant life events, and the support of health and social care services to individuals experiencing significant life events.

Impact of significant life events on individuals

To begin with, it is essential to note that significant life events have both positive and negative impacts on individuals. According to available research, individuals identify significant life events from the gain/loss perspective. In reference to Ballas and Dorling (2007), significant life events that promote an individual’s wellness are more likely to enhance his or her happiness. In this regard, the events such as marriage, employment and birth have a higher likelihood of promoting and individual’s wellbeing thus providing a platform for an individual to be happy. This implies that significant life events in an individual’s life is promote of wellness and happiness.

Whereas this is the case, it is important to note that most research and studies on significant life events highlight its negative impacts. Notably, significant life events could have a negative impact on an individual’s health. In his study, Berardo (2006) notes that significant life events can influence the effect of stress on an individual, which may result in changes in intellectual, social and physical health. In addition to this, significant life events may have a negative impact on an individual’s perception of himself or herself. Crozier (2013) explains that significant life events in an individual’s life that portray loss could lead to low image and self-esteem. For example, an individual whose family is evicted from their rental home because of failure to pay rent may result in such an individual feeling as a failure. This may cause such a person to feel helpless, engage in self-condemnation leading to low self-esteem.