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Task 1

Question 1(a and b)

Cheap Research Assignment HelpThe survey in the article was conducted in an online platform where a total of ten thousand, two hundred and sixty-nine individuals chose to participate in the votes out of their own free will. This particular survey targeted the consumers of different organisations, occupations and sectors (Sidney 2016, p.1). These participants are more likely to be working as they are deemed to be having purchasing power in a normal economy. This means that the survey utilised certain demographic information of the participants.  For instance, apart from having certain purchasing power, all the participants in that particular survey were only recruited if they were within the confines of Australia. 

Question 1(c)

The survey required the participants to identify sectors, organisation as well as occupations that they thought was ethical or least ethical. The question thus included specific areas such as banking, insurance, finance, media, politicians and big businesses in general (Sidney 2016, P.1). However, it is not possible to establish the credibility of the qualitative research findings in this article. This is mainly because the article does not clearly highlight the types of participants who participated in the polls. Therefore one is not able to understand the participants’ phenomenon of interest during the polls taken in the survey. For this reason, it is possible to conclude that the research findings are not understandable form a reader’s perspective. It is only the participants who are in a position to judge the credibility of the result findings of that particular survey.

Question 1 (d)

The concept of transferability could be adapted to the research findings to make them more understandable to the audience. This is the degree at which such qualitative research findings could be transferred or generalised to different settings or contexts (Majid 2014, P.54). The survey conducted in this research was based on qualitative results that defined the objective of the poll. Therefore, since the research findings have been assumed to have credibility challenges, the author of this article may do a thorough job of offering more insightful information regarding the research contexts so as enhance transferability (Majid 2014, P.57). However, during this process, it is critical for the author to retain and describe the assumptions central to the research.