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Study of the Engine Efficiency using Independent Crank Angle Velocity


            An engine is a device which convert the thermal energy into mechanical energy to produce mechanical work. According to this project have to investigate and analyse combustion engines. Basically combustion engine are classified into two types one is Internal Combustion engine and another one is external combustion engine (Fernando Salazar, 1995). This thesis fully based on internal combustion engine so need to concentrate on IC engines instead of external combustion engines. Particularly this project deeply investigate on reciprocating engine. The reciprocating engine is one of the internal combustion engine and it’s also named as piston engine. The investigation of IC engines are described properly in the following sections.

STUDY OF THE ENGINE EFFICIENCY USING INDEPENDENT CRANK ANGLE VELOCITY   An engine efficiency is one of the major important factor in automobile industries that focused on the primary requirement of fuel consumption. The engine efficiency not only focused on engine efficiency it’s also focused on environmental impacts like pollution due to excessive release of CO2 from engine. A poor engine efficiency rate that greatly affect the ecosystem so obviously need to focus to improve the engine efficiency (Jeremy J. Michalek et al, 2004). In this project the engine efficiency are performed using independent crank angle velocity. The deep investigation of crank angle velocity are performed in methodology section. Initially need to investigate about internal combustion engine to observe the concept of engine functions and operating performance of the engines.