Study Of Saudi Electricity Company

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Study Of Saudi Electricity Company

Role of e-government in improving performance of public services: study of Saudi Electricity company

Research Aims

Case StudyThe performance of public services depends on good governance. E-government involves the use of ICT in order to deliver superior quality services to the public. E-government is one of the service reform initiatives. In the 21st century, information technology has become the driving force for every development. The possession of IT and knowledge has become the principal factor involves in the transformation of economy (Mofleh&Wanous, 2008).

E-government is considered to be the driving force for better public administration. This system could result in better decision making as well as cooperation between the government and citizens. This aim of the research is to study the role of e-government in improving the performance of public services. The focus of this study will be on Saudi Electric Company.

Research Objectives

To examine how public service organizations could improve their performance

  • To identify how e-government could improve the quality of service in public service organizations
  • To study the role of e-government in improving the quality of services at Saudi Electric Company


Research methodology is an important part of the research process since it provides a structure to the research. Methodology is also considered to be important because it guides the entire research from the problem definition to conclusion.

The research will employ mixed research methodology in order to utilize the benefits of both qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative data includes numeric information, which is analyzed through statistical tools. In order to gather data, questionnaire is often used as the research instrument. Qualitative data, on the other hand, consists of subjective information gathered through interviews or observations. The use of qualitative data is beneficial for getting the opinions of participants.

Both qualitative and quantitative data are mixed in order to increase the breadth of a research. The combination also offsets the weaknesses of each methodology. Mixed research method has been established as a method that offers the benefits of both quantitative and qualitative research.