Structure Of The Dissertation

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Structure Of The Dissertation

Chapter 1


Adenoma may be defined as a tumor which is benign as well as epithelial in nature. In this specific type of a tumor, the cells are derived from glandular epithelium. A somatotrophic adenoma is basically known as a tumor, which secretes growth hormone of the anterior pituitary, which in turn causes a dangerous disease known as acromegaly or gigantism.  The contents of this research mainly emphasises on the classification of the somatotrophic adenomas based on the granulation density. In the recent times, it is gradually becoming increasingly evident that the granulation types project different clinical instances. In case of somatostatin acquainted patients having acromegaly, the sparsely granulated adenomas were found at a larger as well as younger ratio. It can also be observed that the occurrence of this sort of scenario is more frequent in the female patients than that of the male patients. In comparison with the densely granulated adenomas, the sparsely granulated adenomas exhibit shrinked responses towards octreotide suppression tests. The more dangerous and larger tumors are represented by the sparsely granulated adenomas than that of densely granulated adenomas. In this research, the researcher further sheds light upon the various avenues of differences in the sparsely and densely granulated adenomas, such as clinical differences, molecular differences as well as pathological differences. The fundamental causes of the occurrences of somatotrophic adenomas are also discussed in this research along with the impact it brings upon the human life. For the purpose of accurate and proper diagnosis of acromegaly, determination of the subtype of granulated adenoma, is deemed as a pivotal factor. This research study primarily provides an overview of somatotrophic adenoma, its classifications, causes, impact along with some recommendations for detecting and dealing with such a fatal disease. The related diseases with adenoma which can easily be a major cause of concern for an individual, are also given account of, by the researcher in this research.

Chapter 2

2.1 Introduction

The research is based on the adenoma and its different types that are differentiated through the genetic and pathological makeup. In this chapter, note on the research type and the aim following which entire research has been conducted is explained. Based on the aim, several objectives  have  been  developed  that  has  been  helpful  to  conduct  the research  in  a  proper manner and to acquire the desired outcome.

Acromegaly, a short note

Owing to the overproduction and secretion of the growth hormone, by the pituitary gland, some individuals may encounter abnormal enlargement in their hands, feet and even face. This phenomenon is deemed as a potentially fatal disease, known as acromegaly. This disease mainly affects the adults. The muscle tissues along with the bones of the infected individuals are affected. This disease can even deemed as life threatening in some cases, if not treated accordingly. There are treatments available for resisting against this disease, but it has to be recognized before it is too late. The symptoms of this fatal disease involve exaggerative growth in hands and feet coarsened facial structure.

Type of Research

This  piece  of  work  has  been  conducted  based  on  the  case  studies  that  comprises  of information on sparsely adenomas and densely adenomas. The case studies help to provide better knowledge on the topic of concern. With the help of case studies it is possible to gain better understanding on the topic by critically analysing different information obtained from different  case studies. As the topic is based on sparsely  and densely somatotroph adenomas, therefore, their differentiation based on molecular level and clinical level are exhibited in a profound manner in the different case studies.

2.2 Significance of the study:

The study would generate information related to differences in adenomas that are densely or sparsely situated. As the  differences in the two types  of somatotroph  adenomas  have  been conducted based on the clinical perspective, molecular and pathological level. Therefore, this research would contribute in developing a better understanding and knowledge of adenomas of different forms.

2.3 Research aim:

The  aim  of  this  study  is  to  acquire  understanding  of  the  characteristics  of  sparsely  and densely situated adenomas in terms of clinical basis. Another purpose is to evaluate the gene expression of the two types of adenomas.