Strategy Planning

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Strategy Planning


Strategy And Planning Assignment HelpThis report will outline the strategic planning of an organization within the context of Myanmar. It will provide the study on external environment affecting the organization along with the examination of appropriate tools to examine the effects of current business plans. The study will then will be able to develop choices for the strategic planning of an organization. At last the study will present the factors that affect the organizational strategy plan along with the plan for the implementation of a strategy plan.

Company overview

First national Insurance is the insurance company from Myanmar and was established in 2012. The company has very strong management team and insuranceprofessionals. With this, the stated company has become the largest insurance provider in both life and non-life insurance industries. The Myanmar Insurance market has been drawing the attention globally as an emerging frontline marketplace. First national Insurance is happy to state that it is playing a significant role in the Myanmar’s social and economic reforms by assuring the prosperity nationwide. The insurance business of the company works for both Life and Non-lifeInsurance. The Life insurance includes the term insurance, endowment insurance, travel insurance and many more. On the other hand, Non-life insurance includes the Comprehensive Motor, Cash insurance and Fire insurance.

Task 1


1.1 and 1.3

PEST analysis represent about the political, social, economic and Technological examination. By doing this investigation, it will be easy to drive strategic direction and to conduct proper market research.


Increased service tax:Insurance businesses deliver the payment of imposition of service tax on the services provided. In duration of this period, the senators of the country may change any political rules(Azcue and Muler, 2009).

Government Monopoly Policy: The government of Myanmar along with the Myanmar Insurance is still operating to take all the insurance sectors started from 1952. This is because as the permit for private insurance is very limited in the country.


Contribution to GDP: growth of the Myanmar is supported by high investments which are vital for the business confidence, credit growth and buoyant tourism(Azcue and Muler, 2009). The Myanmar GDP is improving every year.

Upsurge the private banking sector: as the Myanmar economic condition is improving, every business entity in the company has its own company account. It is important for the country’s growth as it plays a part for financial sector with the private banks.

Improvement in FDI limit: in the current business situation, the FDI has become heavily concentrated in extractive segments while investment to be done in manufacturing, servicing providing and the others.

Gap between rich and poor: There is a great gap between the rich people and the poor people in Myanmar. The wealthy people of the country have many belongings and authorities in many