Strategic Management

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Strategic Management

Strategic analysis is the evaluation of organization’s existing environment externally and internally. Because of inconsistent economic and political conditions along with increasing social demands has amended the character of working around the globe. Basically the work was considered to be a base for existence and needs. During the course of multiple years, the function of work has progressed and the structure of working has been transformed respectively.

When the ongoing system of organization is bothered by any internal or external factor, change in organization process occurs automatically. Change as a term with reference to organization is the alteration go organization structure and systems. Therefore, the impact of change could might be good or bad, depending on the nature, quality and quality of change. There exists multiple factors that are responsible for disturbing of organizations functions internally and externally [1]. Any change in the internal or external environmental factors brings modifications to organizational systems. A detailed analysis of the factors are defined as under;

  1. Internal Analysis

On the first place there are internal factors that affect an organization systems. In accordance of different scholars and mangers, these factors are considered to be controllable factors for an organization. Some of the factors including the organization’s goodwill, credit standing and financial positon are the outcome of running an organization. Some other factors including organizations structure, staff allocation and physical systems of the organization are connected with the decisions that can be altered as the managers deem fit. A change in the current associated internal factors of the organization results in unintended costs including software costs, redundancies, training and documentation costs etc[2].

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