Strategic Management And Leadership

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Strategic Management And Leadership

Executive Summary

The national bank of Fujairah is public limited company of UAE which has several areas of business regarding small and medium term enterprises, banking services, financial services and manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education, trading and diversified, contracting, precious metals and diamonds, energy and marine, financial institutions and equipment finance. The company has emerged as fastest growing bank in the potential market of UAE. The company has implemented business restructuring model after changes in the economic and legislative changes by the UAE government. Value added tax has been increased so as to company’s loan products have faced poor scope in the market.

Although, the researcher has used significant internal and external conditions facing the organisation using relevant models and frameworks. Daft’s structural dimension, Daft’s contingency factors and Porter’s 5 Forces agility in the corporate restructuring model of the company. The literature review section of this report focuses on synthesizing the current knowledge as well as theoretical concepts, models or frameworks for the evaluation of restructuring process of the company. The purpose of restructuring is to reduce the threat of legislative and economic policy from the UAE government for sustainability of the organisation at regular basis. Section three of the report describes about the impact of restructuring policy on the investors, shareholders and employee of the company. The company has implemented stock split theory and corporate restructuring model for the sustainability the business. The primary aim of stock split model is to maximizing the share value of the company by dividing existing share into multiple shares among shareholders. This subject has thus highly focussed on for needing a change of the structure for the organisation or a Department as well the significant aspects of the recommendation that addresses the opportunities or challenges impacting the organisation.


1.1 Company Overview

National bank of Fujairah is the fastest growing bank in United Arab Emirates. The bank incorporated in 1982 which primarily done business various segment such as commercial banking, treasury, trade and finance underpinned by transparency, integrity, managing ability, decision making ability and self-potential.NBF is highly committed to the economic stability of the UAE through support of industries align from oil and shipping services, manufacturing and construction. White and Blaiser (2011, p.83) opined that the company believes in growth rewarding relationship with the customer via providing them with the profitable financial services, innovation and service delivery in effective manner. The company has faced various financial challenges through the introduction of VAT by UAE government. The company needs to restructure the banking policies for preventing the threat like cyber fraud to currency and commodity for the sustainability of the banking business in the marketplace. The vision of the company is to establish customer relationship management for the momentum of credibility and growth of the banking business ( 2016).