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Executive Summary

SOCIAL WORKERLove and care is the basic requirement for the family to stand happily. The children require clinical benefits to recover from their health problems and psychological disorders can be recovered with the help of counselling session. Social workers help in sorting out the mutual problems or sometimes appoint councillors in case of severe problems. The family needs mutual understanding to lead a healthy life. Communication and discussion can eradicate most of the problems of our life by developing a feeling of the existence of the one who will be there to listen. A social worker thus plays a crucial role in solving very problems and building relationships with a great care. 

Part 1: Assessment Report

Name and relationship of the people:

Rena Smith: She is the wife of Harry Smith and mother of William and Victoria.

Harry Smith: He is the husband of Rena Smith and father of Williams and Victoria.

William: He is a six years old son of Rene and Harry and brother of Victoria.

Victoria: She is a four years old daughter of Rene and Harry and sister of William.

Mary Brown: She is an old lady neighbour of Smith family.

Historical information:

Rena Smith is a Maori woman aged 22 lived in Tainui, which is a tribal region of South Auckland. She misses her family and wants to return back to New Zealand. Harry Smith is 24 aged pakeha who has not interest in the lifestyle and culture of his wife Rena. He was not happy with the thought of going back to New Zealand due the reason of being not well paid jobs. The children William and Victoria were always been isolated from their wide family and were not physically fit. Rene’s family now live in Hamilton, an hour away from South Auckland where the Smith family resides at present.