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SOCIAL WORKER ON UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDRENThe students needed for social work degree specifically declared competence in order to work with groups. The social workers play a crucial role in giving a light of hope in the lives of underprivileged children. These children are in need for social worker in order to collaborate in groups for developing different programs based on their betterment of life. In this context, with the help of Tuckman’s theory the practice issues faced by the group have been discussed along with the importance of the underprivileged children in participating different activities. The field of this group work is social work on underprivileged children. The study contains completeness and coherency in framing the underprivileged children life with the help of group work plan in offering them a good life.

Practice issue framed by the group to address

The service support young members between the age group 8-15 will be appropriate because these group experience risk of homelessness. Due to such risk, they are offered with stable and safe accommodation for up to three years. In order to support the young underprivileged children to reach their desired goals case management is delivered and moved them towards freedom. Moreover, young children have a way of development living skills, psychological support, therapeutic guidance, and education and job opportunities along with recreational actions. (Chawla, 2016).

The service group invites the young underprivileged for attending the campaign held in the college on delivering different opportunities to underprivileged children by the initiative of social workers. There exist various reasons for the young children  to come up to the service group include, family breakdown, homelessness, mental ill health, getting out of home care,  domestic violence, labor hardship, grief and loss, and traumatic experience. Therapeutic relationships are based on categorization by a concentration on cultivating and restoring sense of safety of trauma survivors, trust, and level of choice.

The aim of the group will be to bring a smile in the children’s face. Various issues can occur at the time of working in a group such as, ineffective communication, motivation costs, coordination costs, lack of discussion in a group, lack of contribution by all members and many more (Ng et al. 2014).

These issues can be addressed by keeping group size small, frequent arrangement of group meetings, increasing individual accountability, active communication build, proper selection of venue, group encouragement, maintenance of periodic process reports, etc.