Social Construction Of Gender

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Social Construction Of Gender



Social Construction Of GenderGender bring up to the socially developed attributes of being male or female, or can be portrayed as collectively constructed characteristics of feminism and masculinity. It is obvious that there are biological differences in appearance of men and women, the ideology of gender lies in the fundamental construction of social and cultural values. This essay will outline the argument whether the differences in men’s and women’s abilities are socially and culturally constructed or not. The essays will argue that differences in the ability and behavior of men and women are socially and culturally created. The argument will be supported by various theories and examples conducted by different authors. The essay will also summarize the relation to the theme of gender from various sources and the book Looking for Alibrandi.

Society and Culture about Gender 

The examine of the ideology of the sex difference exposes the perceptive that the social construction between the differences in men’s and women’s abilities are on the basis of which rules, responsibilities, power, and rights or is resulted from the society and culture discrimination. The rules described here is the way of doing things that become patterns over the time. These patterns are drastically affected by social norms that become replicated with the economy. For illustration, it’s a social custom that men are the wage earner and women are ahouseholder. It can also be illustrated from the standard that men are the decision makers, and women are the implementers of these decisions(Hollander, 2001).

According to the view of the social construction of gender, society and culture develop the roles of gender, and these roles are prescribed appropriate behavior for the individual of that gender. Some people argue that variances between the behavior of men and women are totally influenced by social and cultural norms and conventions, while some others argue that the differences areaffected by biological factors. According to Harvard physiologist Steven Pinker, some variations between men and women are really made because of social construction; it is only because people silently agree to act as if it is to be. The power of social rules lies into the circumstance that it appears to people as consensual, and inflexible.

The variations between the gender abilities are surely created by the biases and shortages, and unequal access to education and learning. It is also affected by violence done against women(Margolin, 2016). Social and cultural norms also created the inequality in economic structure and policies in all forms of development activities. It has also created the gap between the men and women by dividing the power and decision making. Social disputes also lack respects for women and in the human rights of women.