Smart Home Convector Assignment Help

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Smart Home Convector Assignment Help

Design Overview

This project report is a concise guide to the idea of smart sensor home appliance that can be utilized by people in many ways. So, here we will describe the scope of smart heating system, its requirements, key assumptions, design process and other factors of this system. According to the demand of the project, system ought to develop in anaccurate way. After the completion of system designing process, system evaluation process must be started. In this process system must be evaluated as per the guidelines provided in the system requirement specification with the help of evaluation methods and evaluation experiments.


In this section, the scope of smart thermostat system for the cold regional area is explained in the following way:

The proposed system must have attractive and durable physical body, so that it will attract the customer and because of strong body and all other features increases the sale in cold region areas.

The anticipated heating system must be user friendly enough so that people of all ages can easily operate it.

The smart heating system will make the heating process convenient through which heat ca be provided to all the areas of home.

The heating system should have the features of automatic functionality. It will relax the people and there will be on overhead of setting the temperature manually.

The most important scope factor for the prescribed system is its financial constraint. It is assumed that system would be cheap and it can be purchased by almost all range of customers.


The most important requirement related with the planning of development of the system is to know the need of the operatorsaccording their desire for the system. Hence, the system’s requirement can be classified as below depending on the development of the system. They are: