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The services provided by the room division department is analysed in the study. The roles and responsibility of the reception staff is assessed in the study. The management issues in the hospitality services are identified in the study in details. The factors affecting the business performance of the hospitality services are analysed in details in the study. The relevant tools and techniques for maximizing the occupancy rate in hotel is assessed in terms of hospitality services. A suitable sales plan is prepared in the study for promoting the hospitality services and maximizing revenue. The purpose of analysing statistical data related to room division services is also predicted in the study.

LO1: Understanding of services provided by the room division department

Role of accommodation and front office services for different organisations

The front office and accommodation department of the hotel also deals with the fooding, sleeping facility provided to the guests. The employees in the accommodation department provides guest handling services by receiving the booking details of hotel rooms such as details of number of days of staying, type of room like single or double demanded by the guest. Buhalis and Crotts (2013, p.102) stated that the reservation system of the hotels are maintained by the front office staff for ensuring proper maintenance of records of the guests. The front office and accommodation services of the organisation used to be found at the centre point of the hotel for greeting the guests.

The front and accommodation service of Milestone hotels is responsible for checking in and out of the guests the hotel. church street hotel handles the reservation system by the front office section of the hotel. In Rudding park hotels, the employees in the front office department are also responsible for handling the message and taking the orders for food from the guest. Brotherton (2012, p.45) argued that front office department of the hospitality services are the main department, which is responsible for the hotel revenue. For example, Morley hayes hotels, Brighton hotels, Rudding park hotels in the UK used to maintain front office department for handling the guest’s query, and other services including laundry service order, meal order.

Analysis of roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodation and reception services staff

There are several staffs including receptionist, reservation supervisor, cashier and housekeeper.

The receptionist of the hotel is responsible for welcoming the guests. The receptionist of the hotels takes the booking order with the details of the guest. Sigala et al. (2012, p.11) mentioned that the receptionist of the hotel maintains the record of occupancy rate in the hotel for keeping the track of hotel revenue. The amendment to the booking as per the guest requirement is handled by the receptionist of the hotel. As the receptionist of the hotel is mainly responsible for greeting the guests of the hotel, the quality of service depends on the receptionist of the hotel.

The housekeeper of the hotels is responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness within the hotel. Moutinho (2011, p.15) argued that the cleanliness in the hotel environment implies the quality of service to the guest. The housekeeper of the hotels has the responsibility of providing comfort and safety to the guests for maintaining the brand reputation of the hotels in the competitive market.