Review Current Legislation And Organisational Practices

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Review Current Legislation And Organisational Practices

2.2. Review current legislation and organisational practices and policies for partnership working in health and social care (M1, M2)

Legislations in the social and healthcare have a set of regulations and rules that are formulated by the government to secure or protect the employees and patients in the organisations under the social and health care industry.

Implementation of Health and Social Care Act, 2012 gives a remarkable improvement in marketisation of NHS (National Health Service). Further, it also marks the reorganization of the NHS that lead to minimization of distraction and damages as well. However, it is also noted that the new legislations are much complex and confusing in comparison to the older ones (Webber et al. 2015, p.182). This concept is applied to patients who are admitted to the hospitals. Professional agencies, such as local authorities, service health providers, police, social services and families all require assessing the capability of an individual before the other party can make a decision that can affect their lives. All connected agencies that have an impact on the service user require working efficiently.

Another important legislation is the Children Act 2004 that is modified version of Children Act, 1989. This Act has enabled in ensuring welfare of the children on a mass level along with imparting education to them. As per review, the Act is aiming positive towards a better and safe place for the UK’s children. Further, Section 58 of the Children Act, 2004 limits the physical punishment that was initially provided to the children ensuring the safety of the children. Under the policy of Safeguarding Children and Young People, it was noted that the involved authorities in the improvement of the future of children take care of their wishes, needs and have plans to accomplish their desires and wants. Child security is a major concern in the country, and health and social care multi-agency partnerships are assuring their safety.