Rational Model

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Rational Model

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Rational Model


Dell is one of the largest companies in the world that is involved in the manufacturing and sale of networking, software, and hardware devices. The success of the company has been its ability to develop customized systems to meet the needs of customers and outsource the manufacturing activities to third party companies. This business model is not sustainable in the current business environment. Dell is a company that seeks to restructure its management structure so that it can handle the increasing business volume as well as streamline its operational processes in order to achieve operational excellence and strategic competitive advantage. The sense of urgency is the most important part of the process for the company which needs to have strategic objectives. The best approach to implement sense of urgency in the organization is to allow employees to be active participants in the change process so that they can provide feedback and learn about the benefits of the change process.


The rational model is a valuable tool that helps an organization to identify the steps and strategies to implement the change process (Denhardt et al, 2012). Sense of urgency is important for change management because of the fact that it is concerned with changing the status quo and ensuring that employees will remain satisfied with the change process. The benefits of sense of urgency are that it helps the workforce to identify the benefits of the change management at an earlier time (Kotter, 2013). Dell is striving to restructure its management structure as a response to the increase in business volume and the impact of expansion on its operational excellence. The company is seeking to create a decentralized management structure that can successfully allow business units to work independently towards specific goals with minimum supervision…