Queensland Health Systems Implementation Process

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Queensland Health Systems Implementation Process


In this report we have observed that Queensland Health systems implementation process has completely failed due to several problems which have resulted into drastic loss either monetary or non-monetary. There are various problems which are found to be noticed in this report e.g. communication problems, Payroll check, Management effectiveness and so on.


Now a day with the increasing complexity and cumbersome process of organization it has become incumbent for the organization to take professional helps or using upgraded technology in mangling their data and formulation of creative plans and procedure for better management of the company. In this report Queensland Health systems implementation process has got failed and due to this various problems and loss has occurred in system process of organization. In this report we will discussed how Queensland Health systems implementation process has got failed and what are the remedies company could develop to mitigate such problems. In addition to this several phases of System development process and problems found in different phases are discussed in effective manner.

Body context

This report is comprised of Queensland Health systems implementation process and how several factors that contributed to the failed payroll system implementation project at Queensland Health are given as below.

Inefficient management staff has resulted in poor managing works and complexity in staff members working high manner.

Queensland Health is engaging in various payroll functioning of the process system even if management staff and company’s owners were having clear idea of its inherent risk but they opted to run with this exit sing process without making testing program on all the related functions(Giridharan  & Venkataram, 2015).

  • Enterprises resource planning is also not effective as it was unable to establish a process relation between clients, management department, and consultant in the office.
  • Management department and company’s executive are lacking with communication barriers and interpretation skills which leads into several implementation problems of the process.
  • Queensland Health systems implementation process is coupled with IBM team members who are not efficient in process work.
  • Organization is coupled with the complex set of activity and due to cumbersome process all the system process is suffering with the communication problem.
  • Employees working in the organization are found to be rigid to adapt with the changes made in the present information system process.
  • Top management decision and their creative idea to provide services in the health industry are not efficient with the present customer’s expectation.
  • Queensland Health systems implementation process is organized with various complex system and analytical working therefore it becomes hard for employees to perform their work in orderly manner.
  • Enterprises’ resource planning is an upgraded information system which keep required data in systematic manner so that required information could be circulated in all department but ad hoc malfunctioning in this system might result into failure to implement system process.
  • Inherent risk and organization forecasting with the system stop management department to go further with the implementation process of this system (Mara, 2010).